Yard Stakes

Yard Stakes
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Linen Frog Pick

The tiny Linen Frog Pick is made from a linen fabric covered ball, with wired twine arms and legs, s..


River Rocks

River Rocks make a perfect vase filler, garden and planter accents, as well as a rustic and unique t..


Rusty Mini 3-Tier Shelf

Complete a dollhouse, miniatures shelf group or springtime country village with this Rusty Mini Shel..


Rusty Tin Bucket, 2-1/4"

The Rusty Tin Bucket is ideal for craft projects, ornaments, and table decorations. Measures 2-1/4" ..


Rusty Watering Can 3-3/4"

This rusty watering can is painted a rusty brown color with slightly distressed edges. It meausres 3..